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فندق Mounia Fez 3 *

60, Bd Zerktouni, 30000 فاس, المغرب |الفندق علي الخريطة
بدءًا من ر.س.‏73
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متوسط سعر الليلة فى الفندق فى الأسابيع القادمة

23‏/1‏/2017 - 29‏/1‏/2017 30‏/1‏/2017 - 5‏/2‏/2017 6‏/2‏/2017 - 12‏/2‏/2017 13‏/2‏/2017 - 19‏/2‏/2017
ر.س.‏77 ر.س.‏180 ر.س.‏180 ر.س.‏180

سعر تقريبى(قائم على عمليات بحث العملاء) للفرد الواحد والليلة الواحدة فى النظام الأكثر اقتصاداً.

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Al Mounia

الموقع: فندق Mounia Fez

The Hotel is 10 minutes from the city centre and 25 minutes from the
airport and the most interesting tourist points, there are bars,
restaurants, shops, discotheques etc and there is also a public
transport bus service and taxi rank nearby, which makes it easy to move
around. The hotel is quiet with a touch of sophistication, where you can
relax and enjoy the attention that is given to its clients.

The Hotel Moinia de Fez is 3 star, and is located in the centre, which
makes it ideal for you to explore the city. In the ?Merinidos? era, the
city began to grow and there are many buildings decorated with marble
and there are numerous ?Medersas? (schools). Under the Sadiana dynasty,
Fez was converted into a pray for the anarchy; this harmony is the
secret of its universal patrimony and which makes Fez different from
other Moroccan cities.

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