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فندق Le Boulevard 4 *

Gran Viale S.M. Elisabetta, 30126 ليدو دي فينيسيا, إيطاليا |الفندق علي الخريطة
بدءًا من ر.س.‏52
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الموقع: فندق Le Boulevard

Just 100 meters from the hotel are the many waterbus stops in just 10
minutes that connect to the island of gold, El Lido with the living room
of the world "Piazza San Marco"

BY CAR: At the end of the bridge that leads to Venice will find a sign
"Tronchetto ferry-boat per il Lido". The ferry leaves every 50 minutes.
And the journey takes 25 minutes. After disembarking the ferry, bear
right along the lake for about 500 meters up to the Votive Temple.
Behind the temple is the hotel. FROM THE TRAIN STATION: Every 10 minutes
there is a boat (line 51 or 52), quickly reaching the Lido (35 minutes)
or vaporetto nr. 1. If you prefer a slower pace and fascinating crossing
the Grand Canal. Down from the ferry, cross Piazzale Santa Maria
Elisabetta, some 150 meters high Viale Il, the hotel is on the left.
FROM THE AIRPORT MARCO POLO:. there is a ship of the company "Alilaguna"
to coincide with flights covering the route of the lake in 35 minutes.
Vaporetto down from the cross Piazzale Santa Maria Elisabetta and walk
about 150 meters of Gran Via, the hotel is on the left.

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