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فندق Erbil 3 *

Hoca Pasa Mh. Ibni Kemal Cd.18 Sirkeci, 34112 إسطنبول, تركيا |الفندق علي الخريطة
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متوسط سعر الليلة فى الفندق فى الأسابيع القادمة

16‏/1‏/2017 - 22‏/1‏/2017 23‏/1‏/2017 - 29‏/1‏/2017 30‏/1‏/2017 - 5‏/2‏/2017 6‏/2‏/2017 - 12‏/2‏/2017
ر.س.‏63 ر.س.‏63 ر.س.‏69 ر.س.‏69

سعر تقريبى(قائم على عمليات بحث العملاء) للفرد الواحد والليلة الواحدة فى النظام الأكثر اقتصاداً.

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أسماء أخرى لـ فندق Erbil:
Erbil Istanbul

الموقع: فندق Erbil

It is ubicated in the heart of old city, Sirkeci. Sirkeci is one of the
few living eyewithnesses to these old days. Visit this part of the town
to see the heritage of the dead empires. You vill discover many of
Istanbul's treasure in this amazing neighbourhood. Don't be suprised if
you experience a miracle in this spiritual part of the world. It is as
mytical as a distant song. In Sirkeci you will be neighbour to the
Sultans, hear the sound of the magical old days, and breathe the smell
of the past just a few steps away.

Getting to the hotel by car: When you go out of the airport you will see
the traffic sign where it is written "Sirkeci". Follow the sign along
this way. It takes about 30 minutes with traffic jam. When you come to
Sirkeci, you can easily find Big Sirkeci Train Station, following the
directions; in front of it there are 2 traffic lights. Turn left after
the second traffic light. After the street Ebu Suud turn left again at
the corner. Then, you will see the Erbil Hotel.

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