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فندق Tulip Inn Yanbu 3 *

توليب ان ينبع

Yanbu Al Bahar, 313 ينبع, السعودية |الفندق علي الخريطة
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الخدمات والشروط الخاصة بفندق: فندق Tulip Inn Yanbu

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معلومات هامة حول فندق: فندق Tulip Inn Yanbu

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Tulip Inn Hotel

الموقع: فندق Tulip Inn Yanbu

Yanbu is an important petroleum shipping terminal and is home to 3 oil refineries, a plastics facility and several other petrochemical plants. It is the country's 2nd port (after Jiddah) and serves as the main port for the holy city of Medina to the east. The natural harbour is protected on both sides by wide coral reefs. These reefs remain mostly untouched, making them excellent areas for diving. 3 major oil pipelines lead across the desert from the oilfields in the east to terminate at the Red Sea in Yanbu. Yanbu also has a domestic airport and a naval base. The naval base called Al-Minhalapin utilises islands and underwater facilities to protect the landmass.

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