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فندق Quinta do Covanco 3 *

Estrada da Várzea, Quinta do Covanco, 2580-376 Alenquer, البرتغال |الفندق علي الخريطة
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الموقع: فندق Quinta do Covanco

By Car:
- Take the A1.
- Exit at Alenquer/Carregado.
- Follow the IC2 to Alenquer.
- At the roundabout, take the first to right (Turismo Rural).
- At the next roundabout, turn left.
- At the next roundabout, turn right.
- The Quinta do Covanco is on the left, with 2 big trees at the entrance.

Latitude 39.0506519
Longitude 8.9929103

In Alenquer there are several places worth visiting, such as the City Council, the Museum Hipólito Cabaço, where you can see evidence of the palaeolithic period and the ruins of the Castle, whose tower can still be seen today. .

Also nearby are the churches of S. Francisco and of Meca, the Route of the Mills and the Route of the Wine and the Vine where you can taste some of the best wines of the region. The Ascensão (May) fair, the horse fair and the wine fair (September) enable you to sample the gastronomy and the handicrafts of the region.

For sea lovers, there are the beaches of the West Coast, including Consolação and Peniche. here you unwind, soak-up the sun or try your hand at water-sports such as diving, fishing, surfing and canoeing.

Practise your handicap at the local golf courses, such as the Golden Eagle at Rio Maior.

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