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فندق Bay View 3 *

فندق باى فيو

King Abdullah Street - Naama Bay,, شرم الشيخ, مصر |الفندق علي الخريطة
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متوسط سعر الليلة فى الفندق فى الأسابيع القادمة

16‏/1‏/2017 - 22‏/1‏/2017 23‏/1‏/2017 - 29‏/1‏/2017 30‏/1‏/2017 - 5‏/2‏/2017 6‏/2‏/2017 - 12‏/2‏/2017
ر.س.‏18 ر.س.‏93 ر.س.‏33 ر.س.‏28

سعر تقريبى(قائم على عمليات بحث العملاء) للفرد الواحد والليلة الواحدة فى النظام الأكثر اقتصاداً.

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    • حمام سباحة

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الموقع: فندق Bay View

This beach hotel is situated at the southern end of Naama Bay, which is the main resort in the centre of Sharm El Sheikh. The establishment enjoys a prime location, which is just a few minutes' stroll from the sandy beaches, and is nicely set back against the hills, away from the hustle and bustle of the main street. Nearby attractions include the Old Market, which is 5 km from the establishment, and Dahab, which is some 10 km away and can be reached in an hour by car or public transport. The Bay View is located just 8 km from the airport, so transfer times
are kept to a minimum to and from Sharm El Sheikh

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