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فندق Gollner 4 *

Schloegelgasse, 14, 8010 غراتس, النمسا |الفندق علي الخريطة
بدءًا من ر.س.‏218
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متوسط سعر الليلة فى الفندق فى الأسابيع القادمة

28‏/11‏/2016 - 4‏/12‏/2016 5‏/12‏/2016 - 11‏/12‏/2016 12‏/12‏/2016 - 18‏/12‏/2016 19‏/12‏/2016 - 25‏/12‏/2016
ر.س.‏1920 ر.س.‏235

سعر تقريبى(قائم على عمليات بحث العملاء) للفرد الواحد والليلة الواحدة فى النظام الأكثر اقتصاداً.

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الموقع: فندق Gollner

Located directly in the city center of Graz, nearby the pedastrian area,
the opera house, the universities, with many sights and museums of the
town, and all the you can recover the city by food. There are many
restaurants nearby with diffent art of kitchen which we can recommend to
our guests. The recreational activities are available near the hotel
(fees may apply); Golf - miniature nearby, Golfing nearby, Skiing -
downhill nearby, Snowboarding nearby, Swimming nearby, Tennis nearby,
Running track/path nearby, Bicycle rentals nearby, Horse riding/rental

Coming from the A9 motorway from north or west (f.e. from Germany,
Salzburg, Linz, Bruck/Mur). Take the exit "Graz-Andritz" and keep
straight ahead until you see a large park on your right-hand side. While
driving along ths park (called Stadtpark) follow the singn "HOTEL
GOLLNER" lockatesd directly at or next to traffic lights. Our hotel is
situated near the Opera House. Coming from the A2 motorway from east or
south(f.e. from Vienna, Klagenfurt, Slovenia, Italy, ect.) Take the exit
"Graz Ost". Turn right at the traffic light at the end of the motorway
and drive along "Münzgrabenstrasse" for abaout 2 km. "Münzgrabenstrasse"
runs directly into "Dietrichsteinplatz" where our hotel is situated.

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