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Apartamentos Merve Sun 4 *

Yalı Mahallesi, S.Demirel Bulvarı, Side, تركيا |الفندق علي الخريطة
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الموقع: Apartamentos Merve Sun

Side (pronounced see-deh), is a beautiful coastal resort on the
Mediterranean. It is approximately 15kms east of Antalya (one of
Turkey's largest cities) and is located on a small peninsula only 800m
in length. In this pretty town, modern architecture, chic shops and late
night bars stand in juxtaposition with the ruins of an ancient city.
Flanked by two stretches of golden beach, surrounded by the sparkling
waters of Mediterranean on both sides and bestowed with the endless
archeological wonders.This property lays down on an attractive garden,
400m from a sandy Side beach. There are a few bars, restaurants and
shops within 350m, and a supermarket on site. For water sports
enthusiasts, there are a number of activities on offer. A local bus
service and taxis are available to nearby Side (4km) and Kumkoy.

The hotel is 65km from Antalya airport. There is a local taxi service
available outside the airport. To reach the hotel by car just take the
D400 (Mersin Antalya Yolu) motorway drive all way down until reach Side
area. Once there turn right onto Kumkoy Cd road and drive through it
until you see the hotel sign. The hotel will be on your left side.

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