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فندق Park Plaza Arena Pula 3 *

Verudella, 31, 52100 بولا, كرواتيا |الفندق علي الخريطة
بدءًا من ر.س.‏176
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الخدمات والشروط الخاصة بفندق: فندق Park Plaza Arena Pula

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الموقع: فندق Park Plaza Arena Pula

This friendly hotel complex is located right on the Verudela Peninsula in the middle of a pine grove. It is a mere 100 metres to the flat pebble and rock beach, which is especially suitable for children. An abundance of shops and entertainment venues are located in the immediate vicinity. The centre of Pula is only around 5 km away.

The Property is located just 8km from Pula airport.Taxis are available for hire outside the building next to the bus terminal. Pula taxi drivers are honest but please check the price of your journey before engaging en order to avoid any problem.At the airport the guest can also rent a car at the low level.To reach the hotel from the airport just take the road nº66 (yellow line) and follow the directions to Pula centre.Then follow the hotel signs.

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