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Apartamentos Playa Sol II 1 *

Carlos Román Ferrer, 27, 07800 إس بيبير, إسبانيا |الفندق علي الخريطة
بدءًا من ر.س.‏113
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الموقع: Apartamentos Playa Sol II

Located at 200 ms from the De'n Bossa Beach and at 1.5 km from the
centre of Ibiza city, to which it will be possible to go either
strolling, or using the public transportation service that is located
just outside of the apartments. In the zone there is a wide array of
bars, restaurants and stores, and at the neighbouring De'n Bossa Beach
you will be able to enjoy aquatic sports, the parties that take place in
the Club Bora Bora and at night, at the world-renowned Space discotheque.

As you leave the Ibiza airport, keep going straight until the roundabout
of Salinas and De?n Bossa beaches and then follow the sign of De?n Bossa
beach until arriving at a small roundabout entrance to this beach,
turning to the left and following for approximately 2 km turning right
(just after the traffic lights) on the Quartó de Balansat street and at
about 70 ms approx. turn to the left to enter the Carlos Roman Ferrer
street and at nº 27 to the right, are the apartments.

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