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فندق Coco Rio 3 *

Calle 26 No. 125, entre 5ta y 10a, 77710 بلايا دل كارمن, المكسيك |الفندق علي الخريطة
بدءًا من ر.س.‏57
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الموقع: فندق Coco Rio

With a spectacular central location, in the quiet side of 5th Avenue in
Street 26, just two blocks away of the wonderful Caribbean because of
Playa del Carmen, the hotel offers the opportunity to enjoy many
adventures, including aquatic sports, popular archaeological sites and a
vibrant nocturnal life. Playa del Carmen is a very famous tourist
destination because it is located in the heart of the Mayan Riviera.
Closely together is the bus terminal with the city of Cancún only 45
minutes away.

Instructions to arrive to the hotel by car: The best way to arrive to
Playa del Carmen from the airport is to take Federal highway 307 towards
Tulum or Chetumal by approximately 45 km. When arriving at Playa del
Carmen, look for the signal ?Avenida Costituyentes?, next to a traffic
light and turn left in the direction of the ocean. Drive all the way
until reaching 1st Avenue and turn left. Carry on in this avenue until
you find 26th Street and turn left. After crossing 5th Avenue, drive
about 100 meters and you will find the hotel on your right hand.

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